Cooling system ChipBLASTER EV-60

  • 8 to 60 liters per minute (2 to 16 gpm)

  • Pressure up to 100 bar (1200 psi)

  • Ideal for machine tools up to 30 kw(40 hp)

  • 900 and 1800 liter tank options let you create "mini" central systems
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Automatically Variable Volume

This is the “gold standard” for high pressure coolant systems! It automatically pumps just enough volume to maintain full pressure.

Systems from other manufacturers pump a fixed rate that is most the times too much or too little, causing foam, heat, short filter life and short coolant life.

Multiple Pressure Option

Pressure options can be pre-programmed to provide filtered flood coolant in addition to preset pressures of 20, 35, 50 and 70 bar standard or any pressure up to 100 bar.

Standard configuration

The ChipBLASTER EV-60 is fed by a transfer pump (optional: CentraBLAST Pre-Filtration-Pump) that draws from the machine tool sump, through the filter vessel to the integral 480 liter (126 gal) tank. When the machine tool calls for coolant, the filter pump draws the coolant from the ChipBLASTER tank and pumps through the post (safety) filter to the inlet of the positive displacement pump. The coolant then flows at high pressure through a series of distribution and safety valves and on to the machine tool.

Machine Connection

ChipBLASTER systems are designed for using standard plug configurations. Our standard interface cables utilize these connections on both ChipBLASTER unit and machine tool sides. We are able to also supply female connector sockets for wiring on the customer’s machine tool side. In addition, we approve and supply customer specific interfaces, as required (with extra cost).


Műszaki adatok
Motorteljesítmény [kW]7.5
Coolant Flow (Automatically variable flow)60 l/min.
Pressure (manuel / set for safety)83 bar / 70 bar
Coolant Outlet1 x Ø12.7mm, L = 4.5 m
Feed InletØ25,0 mm, L = 4.5 m
Filtration - Single Bag-Sytle filter, degree of purity 5µm (water) 10µm (oil)
post-filter (HP pump safeguard)
Integrated Tank "Clean Tank"480 l
Tank Overflow HoseØ51,0 mm, L = 4.5
Transfer Pump - Standard transfer pump, w/ standpipe assembly
Interface - 1 x 12-pin Power Cable; 1 x 24-pin Control Interface
Felszereltségi jellemzők
Error Signal dry contact for Machine Center (N.O. & N.C.)
MistBLASTER interface receptacle located on electrical enclosure
Dry contact provided for user supplied Transfer Pump control
Panel mounted gauges - Filter Inlet & Outlet + High Pressure
2 years warrenty
KAPCSOLAT Tel: +49 (0) 611 5101990 E-mail:
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